kanata lover

i'm as serious as a heart attack


usually im not this obsessed with a character or anything for that matter but kanata is just so adorable... i love him so much he is like my little wannabe-human boyfriend ! i care for him deeply and find him to be the best enstars character there is !

you don't get it

kanata is mine and mine forever. that's clear. he's like a wondrous flower stuck in the heavy rain and i just have to pick it [him] up. am i lazy? yeah and what about it... i can make my own ugly website but why when theres a free layout on the net just for me to utilize it and advertise my love for kanata

  1. kiss kanata
  2. hug kanata
  3. live kanata

kanata shinkai

just to feel something i am playing ensemble stars

kiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiii daaaaaa keeeeeeeeee